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What is

operates by deploying sensors into the endpoint's operating system at various levels and against various subsystems to collect a diverse set of information and then aggregates that information into a localized data store to track, alert upon, and respond to complex malicious situations as they unfold.
connects to a cloud-based analytics backend infrastructure through a lightweight communications network that enables users, using the
Console, to command and query
in real time, against their local data store of forensic data.
consists of the following components.
Endpoint Service - integrated with the endpoint agent of
The Endpoint Service is a .NET/Mono 4.5 service with native and managed sensors that observe, interpret, catalog, and provide interfaces into endpoint events.
Communication Network
The Communication Network is a mesh-like network bridging thousands of endpoints together with a communication management framework, delivering real time interaction and awareness.
Data Analytics Backend
The Data Analytics Backend is a highly scalable backend that delivers rich interpretations of endpoint data, as well as an API-first approach to endpoint management.
Microsite in Management Console
The CylanceOPTICS microsite is an ever-evolving front-end delivering powerful views and capabilities from inside endpoints directly to security professionals.