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Searching for alerts

On the Escalations page, you can quickly filter the results by organization, search for keywords, or apply specific search filters. For example, specify multiple search filters such as hostname, username, domain, comment, timestamp, and many other attributes.
Filter by organization
: If your organization has parent or child accounts associated with it, you can select an organization from the list to filter it by organization.
Keyword search
: Type some keywords in the search bar to quickly apply a keyword filter.
Add search filters
: Click The Filter icon to add search filters and specify a set of conditions that must be met. If you want to add an alternative set of criteria, you can click
New Criteria
. Click
to start the search and display the results.
Save search filters
: To save a search filter for later use, click
Save Filter
. Specify a name for the filter and its visibility.
Load search filters
: To load a search filter that was saved, click
Load Filter
and click the search filter that you want. You can also delete a search filter from here.
Sort search filters
: You can click
Add Sort
to sort the results according to a specific field. You can also click the column headings in the search results to sort the results in ascending or descending order.
Clear search filters
: To remove all search criteria, click
Clear All
Filter out results
: To quickly hide alerts that have a specific value, right-click the value that's displayed on the screen and select
Filter Out
. For example, if you see alerts listed with several priority levels, you can use this option to hide alerts with the "P5" priority from the results.
Show matching results only
: To quickly see alerts that have a specific value only, right-click the value that's displayed on the screen and select
Show Matching
. For example, if you see several devices listed in the results, you can use this option to show the alerts that are related to the "Windows_PC_123ABC" device only.