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Quick Start for
BlackBerry Spark Suite

Follow these steps to get your
BlackBerry Spark
environment up and running quickly so that you can start testing features. Each section lists some specific areas to focus on, at a minimum. These lists are not exhaustive but will help you to set up your environment quickly.
This quick start assumes you are using
BlackBerry UEM Cloud
and cloud email. If this scenario doesn’t suit your needs, check out the BlackBerry UEM Cloud configuration content for more information.
How to
Download software and configure
BlackBerry UEM Cloud
BlackBerry UEM icon
Configure basic
BlackBerry UEM
Set up
BlackBerry Work
for email, contacts, and calendar
BlackBerry Work icon
Set up
BlackBerry Notes
BlackBerry Tasks
Set up your users with
BlackBerry Edit
so that they can create and edit files.
Users install the
BlackBerry Edit
app from the
App Store
or from
Google Play
Set up browsing on your internal network using
BlackBerry Access
for mobile and desktop
Set up
BlackBerry Connect
for instant messaging using
Skype for Business Online
Set up
BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE
for secure connectivity to native
Microsoft Office 365
  • You must complete all the configuration for
    BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE
    . Pay particular attention to the prerequisites.
Set up
BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus
to direct device connections to the work network through a secure IP tunnel.
Set up
BlackBerry 2FA
to protect access to key work resources using two-factor authentication.
Set up
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
to verify a user's identity to provide easy access to work apps and intranet sites.
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
is automatically enabled if you have the appropriate licensing. For more information about
BlackBerry Enterprise Identity
, refer to the product documentation.
Set up
BlackBerry Workspaces
to allow users to securely access and share files inside and outside your organization.
Cylance Endpoint Security
Log in to the
Cylance Endpoint Security
management console
After your account is activated, you will receive an email with your login information for the management console.
Set up
Cylance Endpoint Security
Get ready to use
CylancePROTECT Desktop
Get ready to use
CylancePROTECT Mobile
Get ready to use
  • Set up CylanceOPTICS to collect and analyze forensic data from devices to identify and resolve threats before they impact your organization’s users and data.
Get ready to use
CylancePERSONA Desktop
Get ready to use
  • Set up CylanceGATEWAY to give your users access to your extended network perimeter and protect your extended network from threats.
BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
  • See the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK documentation. The
    BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
    allows developers to create custom apps that leverage the security and productivity features of the
    BlackBerry Dynamics
Other resources