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BlackBerry Spark UEM Express Suite

A highly secure way to manage and secure devices and applications

The products in the BlackBerry Spark UEM Express Suite.

BlackBerry Spark UEM Express Suite

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Device management

BlackBerry UEM

UEM allows IT administrators to manage all types of work devices and provides the management console for many BlackBerry enterprise products. It is available on-premises or hosted in the cloud.

See the UEM docs.

Secure productivity and collaboration

BlackBerry Access & BlackBerry Desktop

BlackBerry Access is a mobile browser that gives users secure access to your corporate network.

BlackBerry Desktop is a desktop app that combines BlackBerry Access, a secure browser, and BlackBerry Work, a secure email client.

See the BlackBerry Access and BlackBerry Desktop docs.

BlackBerry Work

BlackBerry Work is an app that gives users secure access to their work email, contacts, and calendar events.

See the BlackBerry Work docs.

BlackBerry Tasks

BlackBerry Tasks is an app that allows users to create, edit, and manage tasks.

See the BlackBerry Tasks docs.

BlackBerry Connect

BlackBerry Connect is an app that allows users to securely send IMs, share files, edit documents, and view coworkers' presence information.

See the BlackBerry Connect docs.

BlackBerry Enterprise Bridge

BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE is an app that allows users to use Intune-managed Microsoft apps to view, edit, and save documents in BlackBerry Dynamics apps.

See the BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE docs.