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Developer documentation

 offers several tools and development kits to help you create secure work apps that empower your workforce. To learn more about our developer tools, select an option below.
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Whether you are looking for some guidance for how to get started, want to download sample code, or simply have a question, the 
 Developers site is available to support you.
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BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
 provides a powerful set of tools that allow you to build useful productivity apps that leverage the advanced capabilities of the 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 platform, including secure communication, interapp data exchange, presence, push, and identity management.
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You can use the 
BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher Library
 to make your custom 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 apps easily accessible from the 
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BlackBerry Analytics
 is a cloud-based portal that you can use to view statistics and reports about your organization's 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 apps and devices. You can use the 
BlackBerry Analytics SDK
 to enable your custom 
BlackBerry Dynamics
 apps to send data to the portal, and to enable those apps to work with BlackBerry Intelligent Security, an innovative service that dynamically adapts device security to a user's real-world context.
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Spark Communications Services
 SDK allows you to easily snap rich chat, voice, video, and data transfer into mobile apps, web apps, and smart devices.
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BlackBerry Web Services
 are a collection of REST APIs that you can use to create applications to manage your organization's 
 domain, user accounts, and devices. You can use the 
BlackBerry Web Services
 to automate many tasks that administrators typically perform using the management console.
BlackBerry Workspaces SDK icon
BlackBerry Workspaces
 SDK allows you to create apps that enable users to work with files that are protected by 
BlackBerry Workspaces