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About username and password authentication

When you select 
Username & Password
, the following configurations are available:
Username and password settings can be changed in Appliance configurations. In the public cloud environment, username and password authentication settings are set by 
BlackBerry Workspaces
 and cannot be changed.
    Password Policy
     enables you to set the desired password configurations for end users.
    • Minimum length
      : sets the minimum number of characters required 
    • Maximum length
      : sets the maximum number of characters required 
    • Minimum uppercase character(s)
      : sets the minimum number of uppercase characters (e.g. "T") required 
    • Minimum lowercase character(s)
      : sets the minimum number of lowercase characters (e.g. "t") required 
    • Minimum numbers
      : sets the minimum number of numbers (e.g. "8") required 
    • Minimum special character(s)
      : sets the minimum number of special characters (e.g. "#") required 
    • Number of wrong password entry attempts
      : sets the number of failed login attempts before the user account is locked out (the user would be able to recover the account by answering the Secret Question they had selected). 
    • "Remember me" duration in days
      : sets the number of days that the user is signed-in to 
       through the browser web interface without the need to re-enter the password. 
      This setting does not apply to the 
      BlackBerry Workspaces
       and the 
       mobile applications. 
    • Number of days until password expires
      : sets the number of days that the password is valid. 
    • Number of passwords to remember
      : sets the number of remembered passwords (maximum 10) so that users cannot change their passwords to a remembered password.
    • Blacklist
       is a configurable list of passwords that are not permitted by the organization (for example, "123456")