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Workspaces Connector for BEMS

A new connector for BEMS has been developed to allow the BlackBerry Work Docs app to access BlackBerry Workspaces repositories. Workspaces repositories are exposed in the Docs app, allowing the user to see Workspaces locations as a place to Save documents. A user can also see Workspaces files when choosing to Open from the Docs app. The connector is able to:
  • List, create, and delete workspaces and folders
  • List, upload, download, and delete files
For example, a manager receives a sensitive document as an attachment in the Work email app. The manager can tap to download the attachment, then 
Save to Docs
 and choose a Workspaces location to save the file. From the Docs app, the manager can later retrieve the file from the Workspaces location.
Only local workspaces can be accessed, not transient workspaces.
If you are upgrading BEMS, you must redeploy the Workspaces Connector after the upgrade.
The minimum requirements for the Workspaces Connector for BEMS are:
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server (BEMS) 2.8.7 and above
  • BlackBerry Workspaces Server 6.0.0 and above
To configure and deploy the Workspaces Connector for BEMS:
  1. Create an OAuth Client ID and details for the organization.
    You must be a Workspaces administrator and have access to Workspaces Rotisserie to perform this step. For some Workspaces clients, this step will need to be performed by BlackBerry Support.
    1. Log in to Workspaces Rotisserie at 
      https://<workspaces server>/rotisserie
      , using a Workspaces admin email and password.
    2. Select the 
      Identity Provider Manager
       tab (key icon at upper right).
    3. Select the 
      OAuth Client Details
    4. Click 
       to create a new OAuth client.
    5. In the 
      Client Id
       field, enter a client id. (e.g., 
    6. Click the key icon to the right of the 
      Client Secret
       field to generate a key.
    7. Leave the default values as is in the 
      Authorized Grant Types
      , and 
      Access Token Validity
    8. In the 
      Webserver Redirect URI
       field, enter the Workspaces FQDN.
      This field is required for the BEMS Docs App to work properly.
    9. Click 
      Create OAuth Client
  2. Install the Workspaces Connector for BEMS.
    1. BlackBerry will provide a custom .jar (Java ARchive) file to the client, based on the Client ID configuration in the previous step.
    2. Copy the .jar file to the following BEMS server location:
      C:\Program Files\BlackBerry\BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server\Good Server Distribution\gems-quickstart-x.x.x\deploy
      The location may be different depending on your BEMS installation.
    3. If the connector jar is deployed successfully then the 
       type will appear under the Storage Provider dropdown in BEMS.
  3. Add a new Workspaces connector in the BEMS dashboard. 
    You must be a BEMS administrator to complete the following.
    1. Log in to BEMS dashboard at 
    2. Create a new Storage by selecting 
      New Storage
    3. Enter a name for the storage (e.g., Workspaces).
    4. Select 
       from the 
      Storage Provider
       drop down.
    5. Select 
       from the 
      Authentication Provider
       drop down. The OAuth2 Base URL format depends on the user's authentication method. The Client ID and Client Secret were defined in the previous steps.
      • If the user uses OAuth2 or EID for authentication: 
        <FQDN server>
      • If the user logs in with their email address and password: 
        <FQDN server>
    6. To make the storage available on user devices, select 
      Enable Storage
    It may take up to an hour or a restart of the apps for storage changes to take effect on user devices. It may take up to five minutes for the changes to take effect on the server. Enabling and disabling storage providers on this page affects what storage resources are visible at any given time for users, but has no such impact on the server.
  4. Add a new Workspaces repository in the BEMS dashboard.
    1. Select 
      New Repository
    2. Add a name in the 
      Display Name
       field (e.g., Workspaces).
    3. Select 
       from the 
       drop down.
    4. In the 
       field, enter the path to the Workspace repository.
    5. Configure the rest of the form according to the steps documented in Managing Content Connectors
    6. Click 
Once the Workspaces and BEMS configuration are complete, no additional setup is required on the Docs client. The Workspaces connector will be available automatically in the Docs App.
To upgrade to a new version of the connector:
  1. Go to the 
     folder and delete the existing connector jar.
  2. Copy the new connector jar to the deploy folder.