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Define libraries to sync

Set which 
 libraries are synced with 
BlackBerry Workspaces
  1. In the left pane, click 
    SharePoint Protector
  2. If your organization has defined more than one 
     protector, in the 
    Choose connector
     list, select the desired 
  3. In the 
    Choose SharePoint URL
     list, select the URL for the relevant 
    The synced libraries list appears.
  4. To add a library, in the 
    Add libraries
     area, click 
  5. Select the desired library(ies) and click 
    The libraries are synced and added to the synced libraries list. Default 
    BlackBerry Workspaces
     workspace administrators can now access the 
     libraries through 
    BlackBerry Workspaces
    , and assign user groups to access the workspace. 
  6.  If your organization is defined with the associated plans in the 
    BlackBerry Workspaces Configuration Tool
    , configure internal protection per library:
    1. Click the 
      Internal protection
    2. In the 
      Permission template
       area, select the desired permission template from the drop-down list.
    3. In the 
      Apply to
       area, select one of the following:
      • All files
         to apply the selected permissions to users accessing any file in the 
      • Based on ICAP
         to have 
        BlackBerry Workspaces
         check the ICAP permissions per access and to enable the user full access permissions when in compliance with the ICAP policy. If the policy does not allow full access permissions, the user has access based on the library permission template as set here.
  7.  Repeat this task to sync libraries for different