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Add an iManage connector

  1. In the BlackBerry Workspaces Admin Console, click 
    Content Connectors
  2. Click  .
  3. In the 
    Repository Type
     drop-down list, select 
  4. In the 
    Connector Display Name
     field, enter a name.
  5. In the 
    Allowed Path
     field, enter the path to the iManage matter.
  6. In the 
    Provide access to
     field, select one of the following:
    • All organization
      : All workspace owners (users that are assigned the 
      Workspace owner
       role) in the organization can access this repository.
    • Individual user
      : Only users that are assigned the 
      External connector workspace owner
       role can access this repository.
  7. In the 
     field, enter the URL of your iManage repository.
  8. In the 
     fields, enter your iManage credentials.
  9.  Click