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Create a Dropbox app for accessing a Dropbox repository

BlackBerry Workspaces on-premise customers must create a Dropbox app before they can access their organization’s Dropbox repository. 
  1. Click 
    Create Apps
  2. In the Choose an API section, click 
    Dropbox API
  3. In the Choose the type of access you need, click 
    Full Dropbox– Access to all files and folders in a user's Dropbox
  4. Name your app. For example, Workspaces app.
  5. Select the 
    I agree to Dropbox API Terms and Conditions
  6. Click 
    Create app
  7. In the Redirect URIs field, enter https://<FQDN>/ngdox/dropbox_auth_finish, where FQDN is the FQDN of your organization’s Workspaces server.
  8. Click Add.
  • After you have created the app, contact BlackBerry Support for help configuring BlackBerry Workspaces to connect to your organization’s Dropbox repository.