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Import a list of blocked users

  1. In the left pane, click 
    Blocked Users
  2.  Click 
    The Import blocked users list window opens. 
  3. If you have already created a .csv file that contains the list of blocked users, click 
    Select file
     to browse to the .csv file and select that file. 
  4. If you would like to create a .csv file with the new distribution list data, click 
    Get template
     to download a convenient .csv file with the column headings defined and the table rows blank. 
  5. Enter the user data in the appropriate columns, including the following information:
    • Permitted Entity Address
      : Full email address or 
      Microsoft Active Directory
       group UUID
    • Permitted Entity Type
      : email or 
      Microsoft Active Directory
  6. Click 
    The blocked users list data is imported from the .csv file and the email addresses are added to the blocked users list.