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Configure and customize emails

Configure and customize the system emails that are sent to new users.
  1. In the left pane, click 
  2. To send a welcome email the first time a user is provisioned to the system, select 
    Welcome Email
  3. To add a secondary language (other than English), select 
    Secondary language
     and choose the language from the 
    Secondary language
     drop-down list. 
  4. To customize the About Workspaces text, select 
    Customize the "About" Workspaces text
     and enter the customized text to use. If you selected Secondary language in the previous step, you can also enter customized text in the secondary language.
  5. To enable inclusion of the default Getting Started video, select 
    Enable "Get started" video
  6. To include PC, MAC, iOS, and/or Android app download links, select the related download link options. 
  7. To enable the ability to change the email "from" field to the user account name, instead of the "sender" name, select 
    Enable "On Behalf Of" for Email Notifications
  8. To have a daily activity report sent by default to each user on file activity for workspaces they own, select 
    Turn on daily activity report email for all users in my organization
  9. To send email notifications without the workspace, folder, and file names, select 
    Turn off email notification details (Workspaces, folders and file names)
    . If you select this option, daily activity reports aren't sent to users. 
  10. Click 
    Apply changes