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Configure the Enterprise mode

Set the enterprise mode for your organization.
  1. In the left pane, click
    Workspaces Mode
  2. Select the Enterprise mode:
    • Enterprise Mode
      : to provide permission templates Online View, Online View and Print, and Full Access to the end users.
    • Enterprise ES Mode
      : to provide the full range of file controls to the end users, including downloading original, downloading controlled documents, or online viewing.
    • Enterprise ES (Restrict Full Access) Mode
      : to enforce
      BlackBerry Workspaces
      controls on all
      Microsoft Office
      and PDF files. If the user is the document owner, this is not applied.
  3. If you selected
    Enterprise ES Mode
    Enterprise ES (Restrict Full Access) Mode
    , select
    Allow [the organization] to track user actions on Workspaces-protected Microsoft Office files to track actions on downloaded files
    , if desired.
  4. Click
    Apply changes