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Set sharing policies

  1. In the left pane, select 
    Security policies > Sharing
  2. To enable the autocomplete feature, in the 
    Enable autocomplete
     area, select 
    Enable autocomplete when sharing files
    , and choose one of the following:
    Only for workspace administrators and users with the "Exchange sender" role
    Select to restrict autocomplete to workspace administrators and Exchange senders only.
    For all users
    Select to enable autocomplete for anyone sharing an organization file, including external users and visitors.
    When autocomplete is enabled, potentially all email addresses of all users in the organization can be seen when beginning to enter an email address.
  3. In the 
    Outlook Plugin
     area, to offer 
    BlackBerry Workspaces
     user the option to send files of over 25 MB, select 
    Enable sharing of large files via the Outlook plugin
  4. In the 
     area, configure the default permissions that are applied when a user shares a workspace. The permissions that you can set are: Role, Permission, File expiration, Watermark, and Commenting.
  5. In the 
    Sent files
    1. Select 
      Enable sharing without email notification
      to enable users to decide whether to notify recipients when new files are uploaded. When selected, an additional option appears to select 
      Share files with notification by default
      . This additional option (when selected) ensures that the notification option is selected by default and must be manually turned off by the sender, if desired. 
    2. Select 
      Enable users to share files without requiring recipients to sign in
      , if desired. If selected, select 
      Require recipients to sign in by default
       to have the Require recipients to sign in checkbox selected by default in share windows.
    3. Configure the default permissions for sent files. The permissions that you can set are: Permission, File expiration, Watermark, and Commenting.
      The available permissions depend on which Enterprise mode has been set (see Configure the Enterprise mode). The permissions in the drop-down lists are the permissions templates for the different users. For more information on permissions, see Overview: BlackBerry Workspaces user roles.
  6. Click 
    Apply changes