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Ransomware recovery

Ransomware is a form of cryptovirology extortion, in which your data is encrypted and the attacker demands payment to restore access to that data. Ransomware Recovery allows an organization administrator to recover workspaces infected by malicious software. Workspace files are reverted to a point in time prior to the ransomware infection.
You cannot recover workspaces for deleted users.
  1. In the left pane, click 
    Central Management
  2. Enter the email address of the target user in the search field.
  3. Select the 
  4. Select one or more workspaces and click 
  5. In the 
    Select the recovery date and time
     area, click 
  6. Choose a recovery date from the calendar.
  7. Click the 
    Enter time
     field and choose a recovery time.
  8. Click 
  9. Deselect the 
    Block user
     check box to allow the user to access BlackBerry Workspaces once recovery is finished.
  10. Click 
  11. Click