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Add a group or user

  1. In the left pane, click 
    Central Management
  2. Select the 
     tab in the right pane. 
  3. Select the workspace that you want to add a group or user to.
  4. Click 
    Add new permissions
     dialog appears.
  5. Select 
  6. If you select 
    1. In the 
      Group name
       box, enter a group name.
    2.  In the 
      Group description
       box, enter a description (optional).
    3.  In the 
      Group members
       box, enter the email addresses or distribution lists for the group that you want to add (optional).
    4.  In the 
      Group Managers
       box, enter the email addresses for the group managers (optional).
  7. If you select 
    , in the 
     box, enter the email addresses for the users that you want to add.
  8.  Click the 
    Notify members
     check box to notify users that new groups or users have been added to the workspace.
  9. Click 
     to set permissions for the new group.
  10.  Select the group's 
  11.  Select the group's 
    Advanced Rights Management
     permissions set is available for 
    BlackBerry Workspaces
     Enterprise ES Mode and 
    BlackBerry Workspaces
     Enterprise ES (Restrict Full Access) Mode only.
  12.  In the 
    File expiration
     list, set the time for when access to the file will expire. Select a specific date, a time period from the list, or never. 
    • If you select 
      Specific date
      , click   and choose the desired date from the calendar.
  13.  In the 
     list, set whether workspaces PDF files are displayed with a watermark. 
  14.  In the 
     list, set commenting to On or Off.
  15.  In the 
    Apply permissions to
     area, choose 
    This folder and subitems that inherit permissions only
    This folder and all subitems
  16.  Click 
    A confirmation message appears confirming the operation. The new group is added to the workspace and all its subfolders and files.