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Share a workspace

  1. In the left pane, click 
    Central Management
  2. Select the 
     tab in the right pane. 
  3. Select the workspace that you want to share.
  4. Click 
    Share workspace
     dialog appears.
  5. In the 
    Add members 
    box, enter the email addresses of the users you want to make contributors or visitors to this workspace. 
    Contributors can add files to and remove files from the workspace. Visitors can access files in the workspace but cannot remove or add new files.
    The default permissions for contributors and visitors are set and can be changed by an organization administrator. For more information, see Set sharing policies.
  6. In the 
     box, enter a message for the users you are sharing the workspace with (optional).
  7.  In the 
     drop-down list, select the role to give the users for the workspace.
  8.  In the 
     drop-down list, select the permissions to give the users for the workspace.
  9.  In the 
    File expiration
     drop-down list, set the time for when access to the files will expire. Select a specific date or never.
  10.  In the 
     drop-down list, set whether workspaces PDF files are displayed with a watermark.
  11.  In the 
     drop-down list, set whether users can comment on files in the workspace.
  12.  Select the 
    Notify members
     check box to notify members that users have been added to the workspace.
  13. Click 
    A confirmation message confirms the operation.