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Locate entities in Central Management

  1.  In the left pane, click 
    Central Management
  2.  In the entity type drop-down list, click the arrow, and select the type of entity you want to search for. 
  3.  In the search box, enter the name of the entity that you want to locate.
    The autocomplete mechanism is activated as you type your entry into the search box, offering results that match your entry.
  4. Select the desired entity.
    The selected entity is added as a filter and the results displayed in the right pane are filtered accordingly.
  5. Access the tabs to view the entity types associated with the chosen entity.
    For example, if you select the 
     tab after searching for a specific user, the 
     tab displays a list of all workspaces containing the user. 
  6. If desired, repeat steps 2-4 to sharpen your search by adding additional filters.
  7. To remove a filter, click 
     in the filter area.