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Configuring and managing 
BlackBerry Workspaces

Use the administration console to access and configure the following features of 
BlackBerry Workspaces

Manage and provision users

  • To provision users, either add them directly in the administration console or import a large number of users from a .csv file. Assign users to administration and user roles that control their ability to use 
    BlackBerry Workspaces
  • Create and manage groups to control access rights to files in workspaces. 
  • Create and manage 
    BlackBerry Workspaces
     Distribution Lists in the the administration console or using a .csv file. 
  • Create and manage your organization’s workspaces. 
  • Set access permissions for files in workspaces and export lists of workspace files. 
  • Prepare and export logs of user activity in shared files. Log files are filtered by sender. 
  • Prepare and export logs of workspace activities. 
  • Assign roles at the email domain level. 
  • Assign roles to 
    Microsoft Active Directory
  • Configure the integration to 
    Active Directory
     servers and groups. 
  • Prepare and export logs of all user activity for selected users. 
  • Prepare and export logs of all group activity for selected groups. 
  • Manage 
    BlackBerry Workspaces
     app on users' devices. For example, enable or disable access to your organization’s workspaces and view device details. 

Configure integrations

  • Add and manage connectors to external repositories, such as 
     File Share connectors
  • Enable 
    BlackBerry Workspaces Email Protector
  • Enable 
    Office Online

Set security policies

  • Set policies to protect files in workspaces and shared items. 
  • Tune system performance to upload files. 
  • Set policies for mobile devices. 
  • Set file sharing policies on mobile devices. 
  • Set default file sharing permissions for workspaces and shared items. 
  • Set policies for retaining files prepared for online viewing. 
  • Set the default parameters for recipient access to shared files
  • Define the offline access period of files. 
  • Set document watermarks. 

Generate logs and reports

Generate logs and reports for:
  • User activities
  • Workspace activities
  • Administrator audit log
  • Licensing

Configure parameters

  • Customize the interface with your organization's logo and links that point to information such as support, terms and conditions, and so on 
  • Set the service to send a welcome email, and customize the email as desired for new users
  • Configure ICAP
  • Connect to a Syslog server
  • Monitor storage use and set when to receive storage-related reports
  • Define organization tags that can be applied to files. 
  • Set the enterprise mode for your service
  • View and create workspace roles

Configure authentication

  • Block accounts for unprovisioned users users and automatic sign out for the web application
  • Set and configure the authentication method for your organization.
  • Set up service accounts