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Update the configuration file

 file provides instructions for obtaining LDAP data.
  1. Open the 
     file in your BlackBerry UEM Notifications package.
  2. Update the following Active Directory parameters (
    • <server>
      :An optional IP address or the LDAP server name. This field can be blank. If blank, the synchronization module searches the default domain controller. For an SSL-secured LDAP, you must specify the fully-qualified domain name of the LDAP server. Specifying the port is optional. By default, the LDAP service port is 389 and the SSL-secured LDAP service port is 636.
    • <username>
      :The username of the account that accesses the LDAP server. If the server is not specified, the username is ignored. For an SSL-secured LDAP server, you must specify a fully-qualified user DN (FQDN). For example: CN=User Common Name,OU=Admin Accounts,DC=SomeDomain,DC=com.
    • <password>
      : The password of the user account which accesses the LDAP server. If the server is not specified, the password is ignored.
    • <rootNodeDistinguishedName>
      : Enter the node in Active Directory that you want to export.
  3. Specify the attributes that you want to export from Active Directory in the 
    <attributes> <attribute memberExport="true">samaccountname</attribute> <attribute>sn</attribute> <attribute>givenname</attribute> <attribute>displayname</attribute> <attribute>userAccountControl</attribute> <attribute>Mail</attribute> <attribute>Phone</attribute </attributes>
  4. Update the following 
    BlackBerry AtHoc
    ) parameters:
    • <providerID>
      : The ID of the BlackBerry AtHoc organization whose data will be synchronized.
    • <url>
      : The location of your 
      BlackBerry AtHoc
       server. This parameter must be appended with 
    • <username>
      : An operator in the BlackBerry AtHoc system with SDK User permissions.
    • <password>
      :The password of an operator with SDK User permissions.
    <providerId>1234567</providerId> <url>https://pilot.athoc.com/sdk/listener/listen.asp</url> <username>SDKUser1</username> <password isEncrypted="false">yourpassword</password>
  5. Save the file.