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Create and register a

To post tweets from third-party sources (for example, BlackBerry® AtHoc®, iPhone, CNN news website),
requires that you create and register a virtual application on their website.
Content from fields marked with a (*) in the steps below is not displayed in an actual tweet posted through your application. The information is displayed under application properties, as shown in the following image:
The Applications properties page
  1. Log in to your organization's
    account. If you do not have a
    account, create one. Confirm the email address associated with the account.
    If you want to manage only one
    account, create an application for the company
    account. To do this, your organization must have a
    account and you must have your organization's authorization.
  2. Click
    Create a new application
    . The following is a sample registration form:
    Sample registration form
  3. Enter the following information in the registration form:
    • Name
      : This is the name of the application, not your own name.
      does not allow duplicate application names and will notify you if the application name you have entered is already taken.
    • Description
      : Enter a description for your application.
    • Website
      : This is shown on user-facing authorization screens.
    • Callback URL
      This field tells
      where to return after successful authentication.  Enter a production URL in the following format: https://<
  4. After entering the required application settings, read the
    Developer Rules Of The Road
    and then, if you agree with them, select the
    Yes, I agree
    check box.
  5. In the
    field, enter both images into the text box, separated by a space.
  6. Click
    Create your Twitter application
  7. On the
    page, record the
    Consumer Key
    Request Token URL
    , and
    Access Token URL
    listed on the summary page. See the highlighted areas in the sample below. This information is needed to set up
    BlackBerry AtHoc
    The details page
  8. Click
    Keys and Access Tokens
  9. Record the
    Consumer Secret
    . See the highlighted area in the sample below.
    The Application settings page with the Consumer Secret highlighted
  10. Click the
  11. In the
    Application Icon
    section, upload a logo for your organization.
  12. In the
    section, enter your organization name and website.
  13. Click
    Update settings
  14. Click the
    tab, and then select
    Read and Write
  15. Click
    Update settings