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Integration type definitions

  • CATV
    : Community Access Television/Cable TV. A system of TVs in a campus that are all driven from a single video source (typically a type of headend).
  • Fire Panel
    : A fire marshal-approved panel that can be triggered to create a public address system notification to bystanders in the building.
  • GV
    : Giant Voice. Also known as an outdoor siren system.
  • Inbound
    : A system that feeds
    BlackBerry AtHoc
    with events.
  • Integrator
    : A custom system or device that typically activates many types of warning devices, such as public address (PA), fire panels/alarms, and indoor and outdoor sirens.
  • IP Messaging
    : A TCP IP system that uses an existing LAN connection to relay messages that include both text and audio from one IP device (a PC) to another IP device (a Cisco Phone).
  • LMR
    : Land Mobile Radio (portable radio).
  • Microsoft Teams
    : Microsoft's meet, call, chat, and collaboration platform.
  • PA
    : Public Address System.
  • Pager
    : An alphanumeric pager device.
  • Radio Broadcast
    : A device that generates radio signals that can be picked up by a common radio receiver, such as the one that comes standard in a basic audio package of a car.
  • Signage
    : A device that is typically indoor and hung on a wall and generates a combination of light, sound, video, and text for all bystanders to see when an alert is active.
  • Workday Sync Client
    : A utility that enables you to synchronize user information from Workday to the
    BlackBerry AtHoc