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View the operator audit trail

The operator audit trail enables authorized users to audit the system based on a specific operator or action performed in the
BlackBerry AtHoc
system, such as login attempts or password changes. The operator audit trail retains data for 6 months.
  1. In the navigation bar, click The Settings icon.
  2. In the
    System Setup
    section, click
    Operator Audit Trail
  3. From the
    Operator Audit Trail
    screen, you can perform any of the following actions:
    • Change the report time frame by selecting different
      dates. Enter the dates manually or click The calendar icon and select each date on the pop-up calendar. The report that is generated will then include activities between and including the To and From dates you select.
    • Enter an operator name or ID in the
      field to view their activity in the system. If no value is entered in this field, all operators are included in the report.
      The User field is not case-sensitive. You can use the
      wildcard as a substitute for a single letter or the
      wildcard as a substitute for a string of letters.
    • View all activities by leaving the
      field set to the default value of
      All Entities
      or view activities for a specific entity by selecting one from the list.
      To further filter activities, select an entity and then select
      Search by Specific Action(s)
      . In the
      field, click the list and select each of the actions that you want to use as filter criteria.
      If you apply filtering criteria, you must click
      to refresh the screen and view the updated results list.
    • Export or print the System Log Report by completing either of  the following steps:
      • If
        Microsoft Excel
        is installed on your computer, click
        Download excel file
        , then either save the report to a location on your machine or open the report directly.
      • Click
        Printer friendly report
        to view the formatted report in a new browser window, then use the browser's
        command to print the report.