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Set session timeout and continue session values

You can set the maximum amount of time a user session can be inactive before auto-logout occurs and when a timeout warning appears.
Enterprise administrators can set the session timeout and warning settings for an enterprise organization or for any suborganization. If the session timeout setting is changed for an enterprise organization, the suborganizations' settings are also changed.
  1. In the navigation bar, click Settings icon.
  2. In the
    System Setup
    section, click
    Security Policy
  3. On the
    Security Policy
    page, in the
    Login Session
    section, enter a value (in minutes) in the
    Session Timeout
    field. The maximum session timeout value is 1440 (24 hours.)
  4. In the
    Warning Before Session Timeout
    field, enter the number of minutes prior to auto-logout that the warning message appears on the user's screen. If the user does not click to continue the session before the timer runs out, they will be logged out of the system automatically.
  5. Click
The session timeout value is applied the next time a user logs in to the
BlackBerry AtHoc
management system.