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Select organizations for subscription

If you have an enterprise organization where users in your system may be assigned to different locations on a temporary basis, and they need to be able to receive alerts and events from their temporary location as well as their home location, you can configure organizations for subscriptions.
Before you select an organization for subscription, the Organization Subscriptions feature must be enabled. For more information, see "Manage organization subscriptions" in the
BlackBerry AtHoc
Enterprise Features
Before an organization can be configured for subscription, user uniqueness must be enabled.
  1. In the
    Organization Available for Subscription
    section, select individual organizations or choose
    Select All
    . You can narrow the list of organizations by typing the name of an organization in the text box.
  2. Click
The selected organizations are available for user subscription. End users will see the selected organizations when they click Add Subscription in the Organization Subscriptions section on the My Profile screen in Self Service. The Organization Subscription for End Users option must be selected in the Customization > Self Service section in General Settings on the suborganization for it to be available for users to subscribe to from Self Service. This option is enabled by default.