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General settings

You can use General Settings to personalize your organization with a name, welcome or disclaimer text, and an icon. You can also customize the time zone and time formats, configure security policy settings, create a security policy message, and control default page layouts and enterprise features.
To configure general settings that are available for enterprise organizations, see Enterprise features.
  1. In the navigation bar, click Settings icon.
  2. In the
    section, click
    General Settings
    The General Settings screen for the organization opens with the following fields prepopulated:
    • The
      field displays the name of your organization.
    • The
      Organization Code
      field serves as a short name used to register for Self Service and for the mobile app. The organization code must also be used in the URLs used to access Self Service and Single Sign-On (SSO). If not provided by a system administrator, the organization code is automatically generated from the organization name with spaces replaced with hyphens. You must have system administrator permissions to edit this field. The Organization Code field is mandatory.
    • The
      User Login
      field displays the server address that users access to log in to Self Service.
    • If Self Registration is enabled for the organization, the
      Registration URL
      field displays the server address that users access to register.
  3. Complete the remaining fields described in the sections below.
  4. Click