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Grant operator permissions to a user

When you grant operator permissions to a user, you select which roles the user has in
BlackBerry AtHoc
. The roles a user has determine the
BlackBerry AtHoc
features they can access. The roles that can be assigned to users are determined by the enable features in an organization.
Only Organization Administrators, Enterprise Administrators, and System Administrators can grant operator permissions to users. Operators cannot update their own permissions. Operators cannot assign or revoke higher level operator permissions than their own permissions. For example, an operator with Organization Administrator permissions can revoke or grant Organization Administrator permissions to another operator, but cannot grant Enterprise Administrator or System Administrator permissions.
  1. Create a user or select an existing user. After you create a new user and click
    , the user details screen appears.
  2. Click
    Grant Operator Permissions
  3. On the
    Operator Permissions
    screen, click the
    Operator Roles
    list and select the roles you want to assign to the user.
    As you select roles, they appear on the screen under the Operator Roles drop-down list. If you select more than three roles, the first three are displayed, and the rest can be seen by clicking the scrollbar that appears in the field.
    Operator Roles and Permissions Matrix
    to view a complete mapping of
    BlackBerry AtHoc
    roles and their capabilities.
  4. Optionally, enter and confirm a password that meets the specified requirements.
  5. Optionally, select the check boxes to specify if the user must change their password at next login, and whether the password expires.
  6. Click
You can also grant operator permissions using the Import Operators feature. For more information, see Importing and exporting operators.