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View external events in the Inbox

BlackBerry AtHoc
improves emergency managers' situational awareness by providing alerts for external events that impact their organization and employees. External event categories include: Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Freeze, Heat, Hurricane, Storm, and Wind. To see the full list of supported external events, see Supported external event types.
BlackBerry AtHoc
monitors external feeds and creates events that appear in the Inbox. System Administrators can enable the External Events feature in
Feature Enablement
in the
BlackBerry AtHoc
management system.
When external events are enabled, Organization Administrators can select the locations and external events to monitor. When an event occurs that impacts a selected location, it appears in the Inbox. Operators can also receive notifications on their chosen devices (email, SMS, and mobile app) when events that impact their selected locations appear in the Inbox. These notification events include a link to the event in the Inbox. In addition, when an external layer is enabled, the notification includes a link to the live map that displays the location of the event. For more information, see the guide.
External events that appear in the Inbox include the event title, description, event start time, expiration time, severity, map, and feed source (name and URL.) External events also include the event geolocation and the number of impacted users. Click the
View the Live Map...
link in the event details to open the live map. The live map opens with the triggering event type selected in the External Layers panel and the event highlighted in the event list and on the live map. After evaluating the external event and its impact, the operator can forward the event as an alert to impacted employees.