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View incoming alert details

  1. In the navigation bar, click
    . The Inbox opens, displaying all incoming alerts in the system.
  2. In the
    , locate the alert you want to view.
  3. Click anywhere in the alert row.
A detailed view of the alert appears in the right pane. The detailed view includes the following items:
  • Alert title
  • Severity
  • Type
  • Source
  • Creation time
  • Expiration time (if any)
  • GPS coordinates (for incoming live mobile alerts only). This item is displayed only when a valid location is found.
  • Body
  • Review status (reviewed or not)
  • Reviewer's name (if applicable)
  • Review time (if applicable)
  • Reply status (replied to or not, if applicable)
  • Reply that was sent (if applicable)
  • The name of the person who replied (if applicable)
  • The time the event was replied to (if applicable)
  • The location of the alert. Alerts with a location display The Location icon in the alert row. To view a full-sized map of the incoming alert location, click The show map icon next to the small map image.
  • Any attachments to the alert. Incoming alerts with attachments have a The Attachment icon in the alert row. To view an attached image, video, markup, or text file, click the thumbnail of the attachment to see it as a pop-up or click The Download icon to download it.