Run an advanced search for an incoming alert Skip Navigation

Run an advanced search for an incoming alert

  1. In the navigation bar, click
  2. Optionally, in the search field, type or paste a word or phrase found in the alert title or alert contents.
  3. Click
    . The search field expands to display additional search criteria.
  4. Select from the criteria you want to use to find the event.
    • Source Name
      : The name of the person or organization that created the event.
    • Alert Type
      : To view a list of all available alert types, see Mobile alert types.
    • Date
    • Severity
      : Options include High, Moderate, Low, Informational, or Unknown.
    • Reviewed
    • Pending Reply
      : Select Yes or No.
    • Status
      : Select Live and Ended.
  5. Click
The screen refreshes to display the results of your search, with each of the search criteria you selected appearing as a separate pill under the search field.
You can click
in any pill to remove it as a search criteria. If you do so, the search results field updates automatically.