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Access the Inbox

BlackBerry® AtHoc® administrators and operators must be members of the Emergency Community to see items in the Inbox.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
    . The Inbox opens, showing all incoming alerts in the system. Alerts that have not been reviewed appear in bold.
    In the left pane, the following items are displayed for each incoming alert in the Inbox:
    • Severity icon
      : Hover your cursor over the icon to display the severity level. Available severities are: High, Moderate, Low, Informational, or Unknown.
    • Alert title
      : Displays the subject of the alert.
    • Source type icon
      : Displays The Person icon if the source is a person or The Organization icon if the source is an organization.
    • Source name
      : Displays the name of the person or organization that created the alert.
    • Creation date and time
      : Displays the time and date stamp for the alert.
    • Latitude, Longitude
      : Displays GPS coordinates (for incoming live mobile alerts only). Displays only if a valid location is found.
    • Alert type
      : Displays the category of alert.
    • Reply, Replied icon
      : If an alert requires a response, a
      icon appears next to the alert type. Clicking anywhere in the alert line opens the alert details field containing a Reply button. After you or another authorized user respond to an alert, a
      icon replaces the Reply icon.
    • Location icon
      : Displays The Location icon if the alert includes a map.
    • Attachments icon
      : Displays The Attachment icon if the alert includes file, video, or image attachments.