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Manage alert rules

This section provides rules for Connect and weather alert types. To configure mobile alerts, see Configure mobile alert settings. You must have a Enterprise Administrator, System Administrator, or Basic Administrator role to access alert rules.
Alert rules help determine which alert templates to run when an alert arrives in the Inbox.
For Connect alerts, the Alert Rule Manager supports a maximum 150 rules per organization.
Two connect rules are provided for your use:
  • Urgent Alert Rule
  • Informational Alert Rule
You can create alert rules to associate a condition and an action with an incoming alert. Each rule has one or more conditions specifying an alert attribute value, an operation, and the value of the attribute.
For example, an operator creates an alert rule for fire emergencies. The operator specifies two alert conditions for triggering an alert template:
  • Severity equals High
  • Title contains “Fire”
The operator then specifies the action to trigger an alert template called “Emergency: Fire” that publishes an alert to the Fire Department when the conditions are met.