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Configure mobile alert settings

Configure mobile alert settings to configure the response to alerts. From the
Event Rules
tab, you can edit incoming alert types, manage report categories, and associate alert templates with incoming mobile alerts. From the
Scheduled Location Access
tab you can configure location access rules.
To configure incoming alerts with standard types (such as geophysical, security, or fire), see Manage alert rules.
For information about how to create a new incoming alert report that users can access through their mobile devices, see Create a field report for the Mobile App. For information about how to create location access, see Configure scheduled location access.
  1. In the navigation bar, click The settings icon.
  2. In the
    section, click
    Mobile Alert Settings
    The Mobile Alert Settings screen opens with the
    Event Rules
    tab open. The Event Rules tab displays information about incoming alert types and any alert templates associated with incoming alert types.
  3. Optionally, select an event rule to open it and view or edit the rule defaults.
    The following characteristics apply to the Edit screens for incoming alert categories:
    • Emergency
      Checked In
      , and
      Checked Out
      event rule titles and icons are preset and cannot be changed.
    • Report titles and icons are configurable and can edited by any authorized user. Report event categories also contain a
    • For all types of event categories, the following are true:
      • The
        Default Severity
        option is preset and can be changed as needed. Options include High, Moderate, Low, Informational, or Unknown.
      • The
        Run Alert Template
        option is sometimes preset and can be changed as needed. Select None to avoid running an alert template.
  4. Enter or select values in each of the fields on the screen.
  5. Click
When an administrator creates, deletes, or updates the mobile alert settings, it is captured in the operator audit trail. To view these entries in the operator audit trail, click The settings icon. In the 
System Settings
section, click
Operator Audit Trail
. Select
Mobile Event Rules
from the
list. Select the
Search by Specific Actions(s)
option and then select specific actions from the