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Request a new external event type

If the external event type you need is not listed on the External Events settings page, you can submit a request to add it. Go to the
BlackBerry AtHoc
support portal at:
RSS, Geo-JSON, CAP, and ATOM formats are supported.
The requested feed should:
  • Include geolocation information for events. For example, earthquakes in San Jose, California, or winter storms in Toronto, Canada.
  • Provide consistent location data and event type information.
  • Be applicable to a regional (for example U.S. West Coast), national, or international area.
Include the following information in the support request form:
  • Event Type keyword. For example, Weather, Fire, Geological, Protest, civil unrest, or bomb threat.
  • Region. For example, United States (Country), UK, or Global.
  • Feed source URL. For example,
  • Customer details, including name and contact information.
  • Justification for the use case.