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View the details of a sent alert

After you click the
button to send an alert, you can click the
Alert Summary
button at the bottom of the
Review and Publish
The Alert Summary screen lists the current status of the alert: Live or Ended. For live alerts, the information on the page updates automatically every minute. Click Update button to update the screen manually.
If you are not on the Review and Publish screen, you can view the alert summary for any live or ended alert from the Sent Alerts screen.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
    Sent Alerts
  2. On the
    Sent Alerts
    screen, use the search field or scroll down to locate the alert you want to view.
  3. Click anywhere in an alert line to open the details screen for the alert.
The Alert Summary screen contains Details and Users tabs. When applicable, tabs for organizations and mass devices are displayed.
If the alert is live, there is an
End Alert
button on the Users tab that you can use to end the alert immediately. Click
on the Details tab to save changes to the alert schedule.