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Resend an alert

The Resend feature in
BlackBerry AtHoc
enables an operator to customize the targets when resending an alert. The operator can resend the alert to all original recipients, to recipients who responded to the original alert, or to recipients who did not respond to, or did not receive, the original alert.
  1. the navigation bar, click
    Sent Alerts
  2. On the
    Sent Alerts
    screen, click the alert that you want to resend.
  3. On the alert details  screen, click the
  4. In the
    Sent Details
    section, click the drop-down menu in the
    , or
    In Progress or Failed
  5. Select
    Send Alert to These Users
  6. Optionally, on the alert details page, update the details of the alert.
  7. Click
    Review and Publish
  8. On the
    Review and Publish
    page, click