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View reports with the codes and messages

The status message for a call appears in the Device Delivery report for a sent alert.
Device Delivery report for a sent alert
The code and mapped message appear in the full tracking report. Export the full report to view these codes.
  1. Send an alert.
  2. Click
    Alert Summary
    from the completed alert or double-click to open the alert from the
    Sent Alerts
  3. On the
    Alert Summary
    screen, click
    Advanced Reports
  4. Hover over the
    link in the top corner of the report and then select
    Export Full Report
    from the drop-down list.
  5. The report is exported to a .csv file. You can see the status and duration of each call.
    Exported CSV file of a tracking report with call message codes highlighted
    In the example above, the mobile and work phones of the user were targeted. The user listened to the alert and responded to the call from his or her work phone. When the user heard the start of the alert on their mobile phone, they hung up before listening to the main message because they had already responded to it using their work phone.