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View an organizational hierarchy report

Organizational hierarchy reports present the data you request broken down by increasingly granular levels of detail revealed as you drill further down into the hierarchy.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
    Personnel Reports
  2. On the
    Personnel Reports
    screen, find the report that you want to create and click the corresponding
    By Organizational Hierarchy
    The screen refreshes and displays the same data as found in the Summary report, but with the data broken down by both category and hierarchy.
  3. On the
    By Organizational Hierarchy
    screen, do any combination of the following:
    • Click
      to print a copy of the report.
    • Click
      to export either a summary or the complete report to a .csv file.
    • Click
      Show Selection Summary
      to view the criteria used to select which users to include in the report.
    • Click
      View list
      to open a screen that displays details for the users included in the report.
    • In the
      Other Views
      section, click
      to view the report without the data broken out into individual distribution lists.
    • In the
      Other Reports
      field, click The drop down list button to select a different report. Click
      Run report
      to view it.