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Send an Alert with Fill Count

9 steps to get you started

Step 1: Click Alerts

1. Create a new alert

Click Alerts.

Step 2: Click New Alert

2. Click New Alert

Step 3: Click Create a Blank Alert

3. Click Create a Blank Alert

Tip:  You can save time by making and using alert templates. For more information, see BlackBerry® AtHoc® Alert Templates.

Step 4: Select response options

4. Add at least one response option

The alert ends once a certain number of responses are sent in. You will set this number in a few steps.

Step 5: Click Fill Count and Escalation

5. Click Fill Count and Escalation

Tip: If the alert template is configured to target dependents, the Fill Count and Escalation link does not appear. Go to the Target Users tab in the alert template settings to select targeting with either Fill Count or Dependents.

Step 6: Select the number of required responses

6. Enter the number of responses you require

Step 7: Select response options

7. Choose which response option to count

After the system receives the required number of this reponse, the alert ends.

Step 8: Click Apply

8. Click Apply

Tip: The Target Users section displays the number of required responses for the selected response option.

Step 9: That's It!

9. That's It!

You have successfully configured an alert with fill count!

Select the targeted users and personal devices to complete the AtHoc alert.

To learn more about publishing an AtHoc alert, see BlackBerry AtHoc Create and Publish Alerts.