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Report on Behalf of Users

9 steps to get you started

Click Account

1. Click Account

With AtHoc® Account, you can update the status of users on their behalf. If you are aware of their status, perhaps from their supervisor or a call they made to a call center, you can update their status in the BlackBerry AtHoc system.

Click All Events

2. Click All Events

Select an event

3. Select an event

Click the Users tab

4. Click the Users tab

Click the Edit icon

5. Click the edit icon for a user

Tip: You can also select multiple users to update their status. Select the check boxes beside their names and click Change Status.

Select a status

6. Select a status

Add a comment

7. Add a comment

This is not a required step but can be useful to capture details about why you are manually updating the user's status.

Click Apply

8. Click Apply

That's it!

9. That's it!

You have successfully reported on behalf of other users for an accountability event!

Tip: You can go to the Summary tab of the event to view the updated user status.

To learn more about AtHoc Account, see the BlackBerry AtHoc Account guide.