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Invite an Organization to Connect

8 steps to get you started

Step 1: Organizations

1. Click Organizations

You can send a registration invitation to an organization outside of the BlackBerry® AtHoc® network so that you can connect and share alerts.

Tip: You must be a Connect Agreement Manager, Organization Administrator, or Enterprise Administrator to access the Organizations menu.

Step 2: All Organizations

2. Click All Organizations

Step 3: Invite Unlisted Organization

3. Click Invite Unlisted Organization

Step 4: Organization Name

4. Enter the name of the invitee organization

Step 5: Point of Contact

5. Enter the name and email of the point of contact in the invitee organization

Step 6: Message

6. Enter a custom message

Provide a custom message so that the organization knows that this invitation is coming from a known contact to improve the chances of the organization accepting the invitation.

Step 7: Send Invitation

7. Click Send Invitation

The organization receives an email inviting them to register for AtHoc® Connect.

Step 8: That's It

8. That's It!

You have successfully invited an organization to join your AtHoc Connect network! 

To learn more about AtHoc Connect, see the BlackBerry AtHoc Connect guide.