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Generate an Accountability Report

9 steps to get you started

Click Account

1. Click Account

This guide shows you how to generate an accountability report containing:

  • A summary of the event including the distribution of affected user statuses
  • A graph of when the users responded with their status
  • A list of the users included in the report
Click All Events

2. Click All Events

Select an event

3. Select an event

Export the event

4. Click More Actions > Export

Select a format for the report

5. Select the report format

Add a description and choose sections to include

6. Pick the sections you want to include

If you want to, you can add a description.

Click Export

7. Click Export

Open or save the report

8. Open or save the report

The generated report appears in your browser window.

That's it!

9. That's it!

You have successfully generated an accountability report!

To learn more about AtHoc® Account, see the BlackBerry AtHoc Account guide.