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Create and Publish an AtHoc Alert

13 steps to get you started

Step 1: Click Create a Blank Alert

1. Create a new alert

Click Create a Blank alert.

Tip:  You can save time by making and using alert templates. For more information, see BlackBerry® AtHoc® Create and Publish Alerts.

Step 2: Select a severity

2. Choose the alert severity

You can customize the alert behavior for each severity level. For example, you can set a custom alert sound.

Step 3: Select a type

3. Choose the alert type

The alert type tells the user what the alert is about. 

Step 4: Add a message and response options

4. Add a message and response options

Type a title and message body and add response options for the user.

Step 5: Add a bilingual alert

5. Add a second delivery language

If the Bilingual Alerts feature is enabled for your organization, you can select a second language to send the alert in.

Step 5: Add a URL or attachment

6. Add a URL or attachment

If you want to, you can use the More Info Link and Attachments sections to give users additional information.

Step 6: Add a location

7. Send the alert to users in a specific location

If you want to, you can click Add to define a location on the map.

Step 8: Choose who will receive the alert

8. Choose who will receive the alert

You can use the Target Users section to send the alert to the right users.

Step 9: Choose devices

9. Choose which devices will receive the alert

Use the Select Personal Devices tab to choose how to send the alert. For example, you choose to send the alert ot the AtHoc app and to work email. 

Tip: The Targeting Summary shows how many users can be reached with your current settings.

Step 9: Set a start time and duration

10. Set a start time and duration

Step 10: Click Review and Publish

11. Click Review and Publish

Step 11: Click Publish

12. Review the alert and click Publish

Tip: If you send an alert by mistake, you can send another alert to correct it. 

Step 12: That's It!

13. That's it!

You have successfully published an AtHoc alert!

Go to the AtHoc home screen and click on the alert name under Live Alerts to continue following updates on user responses.

To learn more about publishing an AtHoc alert, see BlackBerry AtHoc Create and Publish Alerts.