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Create a Dynamic Distribution List

10 steps to get you started

Step 1: Click Users

1. Click Users

Click Users in the navigation bar.

Step 2: Click Distribution Lists

2. Click Distribution Lists

Step 3: Click New

3. Click New

Step 4: Choose Dynamic

4. Choose Dynamic

A dynamic distribution list is created using a user filter based on your conditions. A static distribution list is created manually by adding users to the list.

Tip: To learn more about static distribution lists, go to Create a Static Distribution List.

Step 5: Enter basic information

5. Enter basic information

Fill in the name, common name, and description of the distribution list.

Step 6: Click View

6. Click View

You will be able to see all conditions available for this distribution list query.

Step 7: Select operator

7. Select an operator

Step 8: Add conditions and click Apply

8. Add Conditions and click Apply

You will add any conditions needed for the distribution list and press apply in the bottom right corner.

Tip: Press Add Condition to add more than one condition to your list.

Step 9: Click Save

9. Click Save

Tip: You can view the number of members in the list below the membership criteria box.

Step 10: That's It!

10. That's it!

You have successfully created a BlackBerry® AtHoc® dynamic distribution List!

The members on this list will receive any AtHoc alert that you send them.

To learn more about creating distribution lists, see BlackBerry AtHoc Distribution Lists.