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Create a Connect Alert Rule

13 steps to get you started

Step 1: Click Alerts

1. Click Alerts

Step 2: Alert Rules

2. Click Alert Rules

Step 3: Connect tab

3. Click the Connect tab

Step 4: New Rule

4. Click New Rule

Step 5: Rule Name

5. Create a name for the rule

For example: High Severity Incoming Alerts

Step 6: Add Condition

6. Click Add Condition

Step 7: Select Attribute

7. Select an attribute from the list

For example: If you would like this incoming alert rule to apply only to incoming alerts that are a certain level of severity, select "Severity."

Step 8: Select Operation

8. Select an operation from the list

Step 9: Select Attribute Values

9. Select all values that apply

You can select more than one.

Step 10: Add Another Condition

10. Click to add more conditions

This is optional.

Step 11: Select Templates

11. Select a template

This is the template that will be used to send out an alert when an incoming alert meets the conditions you have selected.

Tip: Select the "Use sender response options and return first response to sender'" option. When this option is selected, the response options from the incoming alert are copied into the triggered alert. When the first targeted user responds, this response will be sent on behalf of the entire organization.

Step 12: Click Save

12. Click Save

Step 13: That's It!

13. That's It!

You have successfully created a AtHoc® Connect alert rule!

To learn more about Connect alert rules, see "Create a Connect alert rule" in BlackBerry AtHoc Incoming Alerts in the Inbox. To learn more about AtHoc Connect, see BlackBerry AtHoc Connect.