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Create an Alert Template

11 steps to get you started

Step 1: Click Alerts

1. Click Alerts

Click Alerts in the navigation bar.

Step 2: Click New Alert

2. Click Alert Templates

Step 3: Click New

3. Click New

Step 4: Enter a name

4. Enter a name for the alert template

Type a title and description to identify the alert template to operators. Alert recipients will also be able to see the alert title.

Tip: An example of a name for a template could be "Test: Tornado Alert."

Step 5: Choose a folder

5. Choose a folder

The template folder is important because an operator can be restricted to only public alert templates from certain folders.

Step 6: Select Available for Quick Publish and mobile publishing

6. Choose if the template should be available for quick and mobile publishing

Quick publish alert templates are shown on the home page. Available for mobile templates are shown in the mobile app. These options enable fast and easy publishing.

Step 7: Fill out alert content

7. Fill out the alert content

Anything you set here will be shown when an operator selects the alert template at the time of publishing. The operator can make changes depending on the situation.

Step 8: Set the alert schedule

8. Set the alert schedule

You can set the alert duration and start time. If you select active recurrence, the system will automatically publish this alert on a chosen time interval.

Tip: All other sections do not have to be ready to publish before setting the alert schedule.

Step 9: Click Settings

9. Click Settings

The settings menu allows you to choose exactly what an operator sees when they open the alert to publish it.

Step 10: Click Save

10. Click Save

Step 11: That's It!

11. That's it!

You have successfully created a BlackBerry® AtHoc® alert template! 

To learn more about creating an alert template, see BlackBerry AtHoc Alert Templates.