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View user activity

The Activity List screen enables authorized users to view all activities for individual users in the system. Clicking on a specific user activity opens an activity details screen that provides information about the activity and any response the user made.
  1. In the navigation bar, click 
  2. Click 
  3. Click the user name.
    The user details screen opens, displaying information for the user in the system.
  4. Select 
    More Actions
    View Activities
  5. Click a specific activity to view more details.
    The details of that activity appear to the right of the activities list.
    For each activity, the following details are displayed:
    • The title of the activity
    • The content of the activity
    • The date and time the activity was initiated or created.
    • The publisher of the activity
    • The timeline for the activity, listing all of the devices to which the activity has been sent along with the time the alert was sent and received. The timeline also lists details about instances where the alert was responded to, but ignored by the system.
    • If the alert was responded to, a Responded section appears above the Activity Timeline, displaying the date and time and responding device of the first response received.