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Managing organization subscriptions

This section describes how to manage organization subscriptions for users in enterprise organizations.
Use organization subscriptions to enable users in an enterprise organization to receive alerts and accountability events from other suborganizations in their enterprise organization. This feature enables users to subscribe on a temporary basis to up to three suborganizations. The subscribed user can then receive any alerts or events that are targeted to them in their home organization as well as in their subscribed organizations. The user's home organization is the organization where their profile is stored. A user's subscribed organization is an organization that a user can be targeted in, but their profile does not get moved to.
Subscribed users can be targeted from their subscribed organization using email, SMS, phone, and mobile app devices and can be targeted using any targeting criteria such as location, groups, or attributes. Targeted devices must be enabled on both the home and subscribed organizations. When targeting subscribed users by attributes, those attributes must be enterprise-level attributes.
The organization subscription feature is disabled by default and must be enabled by a system administrator. Enterprise administrators select the suborganizations within their enterprise organization that are available for subscription. Users can be subscribed to a maximum of 10 available organizations.
Once organization subscriptions are enabled, operators can subscribe users from the
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management console or by using the .csv user import process. Users in suborganizations can subscribe themselves to enabled suborganizations from Self Service. If the organization subscription feature is disabled, any existing subscriptions are cancelled. Administrators and users can set a start date, set an end date, or cancel their subscriptions.
The profiles of users who are subscribed to organizations remain on the home organization.
On the subscribed organization, subscribed users are visible in search results, can be added to distribution lists, and can be targeted in alerts or events. Their  profiles can be viewed, but not edited or deleted, from the subscribed organization. Two new standard user attributes "Temporary work location" and "Subscribed Organizations" have been added to enable searching and targeting subscribed users.
Standalone users and sponsor users can subscribe to organizations. Dependents cannot be subscribed to other organizations.
User uniqueness must be enabled on the enterprise organization before organization subscriptions can be enabled. For more information, see the .