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Edit user details

The following instructions explain how to make changes to the details of an individual in the system. To make a global change to all users, such as changing the work address of all users to display a new address, see Make mass changes to user details.
You must have end user manager privileges to edit user details.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
  2. Click The Edit icon beside the name of the user whose details you want to edit.
  3. Make changes to any of the user fields in the following sections:
    • Basic Information
    • Numbers
    • Online Addresses
    • Physical Addresses. Displays the time the user's location was last updated. To view the user's location on a map, click The Globe Map icon.
    • Distribution List Membership
    • Login and Location
    • Organization subscriptions (if enabled): This section appears when the organization subscription feature is enabled and organizations are configured for subscription. This section displays the user's subscribed organizations, the start and end dates, and the assigner for each subscription.
    • Any user attributes defined by administrators
      System-generated user details such as Desktop Software Session Information, Mobile Device Location, and most of the User Activity information cannot be edited.
  4. Click