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View details about system jobs

  1. Log in to the
    BlackBerry Alert
    management console.
  2. Click the down arrow beside your log in name and select
    Change Organization
  3. Change to the
    System Setup (3)
  4. In the navigation bar, click The Settings icon.
  5. In the
    System Setup
    section, click
    System Jobs
    The System Tasks screen opens, displaying a list of all automated jobs in the system.
  6. Click the name of any task to view additional details.
    From the task details screen, you can perform any of the following tasks:
    • View a description of the task.
    • View the run interval and the last run time for the task.
    • View a history of the most recent runs of the task, including the start time, end time, and duration of each run.
    • Click
      Click to Disable
      (for active tasks) or
      Click to Enable
      (for inactive tasks) to change the current status of the task.
    • Click
      Run now
      to manually initiate the task.
    • Click
      in the corresponding
      History table
      to view the job log for any recent run.
Descriptions of System Jobs
The following jobs are displayed on the System Tasks screen:
  • Auto Delete Users
    : This job deletes end users based on the settings configured on the Disable and Delete End Users screen.
  • Auto Disable Users
    : This job disables end users based on the settings configured on the Disable and Delete End Users screen.
  • Batch Geocoding: Postprocessor
    : This job verifies job statuses, downloads and processes submitted requests, and updates the database, and sends an email for the completed uploads.
  • Batch Geocoding: Preprocessor
    : This job creates Bing batch geocoding requests if the addresses are not found in the local geocoing lookup table.
  • Cap Event Processor
    : This job processes captured inbound CAP events and publishes an alert for each inbound alert based upon the rules configured for the Agent.
  • Cap Feed Poller
    : This job fetches the index feed and creates a queue entry in the
    BlackBerry Alert
    database queue.
  • Delivery Batch Recovery
    : This job recovers batches with incomplete delivery due to gateway related failures.
  • Delivery Batch Retry
    : This job resets delivery batches that have either timed out or completed with error.
  • Desktop Sessions Maintenance
    : This job cleans up stale sessions and updates the online users graph that is visible on the homepage.
  • Email Publisher
    : This job processes alert publishing requests that are sent by email.
  • Feed Poller
    : This job polls feeds from various sources.
  • Feed Processor
    : This job processes feeds from various sources.
  • IEM IPAWS Plugin Agent - For All VPS
    : This job communicates with IPAWS for all organizations on the server.
  • Process Accountability Event Job for Recipient Re-Compute
    : This job manages accountability events recipient re-computation.
  • Process Accountability Event Job for Reminder
    : This job manages accountability events related to sending reminder alerts.
  • Process Accountability Events for End
    : This job manages accountability events lifecycle and status management.
  • Process Accountability Events for Status Update
    : This job manages the status attribute value changes for affected uses during the accountability event lifecycle.
  • Process Accountability Events Tracking Summary
    : This job manages the accountability events tracking summary.
  • Process Accountability Events
    : This job manages accountability events tracking summary.
  • Process Alerts Tracking Summaries
    : This job generates an alert tracking summary for live alerts and alerts that have ended within the past 4 hours.
  • Process Geo Fencing
    : This is a background job that is used for geofence targeting to send alerts to users who enter a specified location during a live alert.
  • Process Inbound Event for Report Category
    : This job manages the triggering alert for Report Inbound Event.
  • Process NDMS Tracking - ATHOC-NDMS-EAST
    : This job retrieves tracking data from Alert cloud delivery service (East) and updates Alert reports within the system.
  • Process NDS Tracking- ATHOC-NDMS-WEST
    : This job retrieves tracking data from Alert cloud delivery service (West) and updates Alert reports within the system.
  • Process OEM Tracking - UAP-OEM-EAST
    : This job retrieves tracking from the OEM cloud delivery service (East) and updates Alert reports within the system.
  • Process OEM Tracking - UAP-OEM-WEST
    : This job retrieves tracking from the OEM cloud delivery service (West) and updates Alert reports within the system.
  • Process Situational Response Incident Steps for End
    : This job manages ending incident steps for ended alert and events.
  • Purge Older Logging Data
    : This job removes any temporary or transient data from the database tables that is no longer required. Runs daily at 11:00 PM.
  • Rebuild Database Indexes
    : This job performs weekly index maintenance on the databases.
  • Sync Cross System Dist Lists
    : This job synchronizes distribution lists within the master organization with the latest distribution lists in sub organizations.
  • System Diagnostics Report
    : This job runs diagnostic stored procedures and collects the output in a diagnostic log.